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Hypnotherapy in Rubery

Hello my name is Julia Holmes and I am a fully qualified, full time professional Hypnotherapist specialising in Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy treatments and I am based in Rubery

I help people, just like you, to make changes and regain control of your life and also to help you develop an “inner peace of mind” that can enable you to be calmer, happier and more effective in what ever you do. I can help you achieve this through using what I believe to be the most powerful, unique and up to date forms of Hypnotherapy available.

Many people come to me because of specific symptoms, unwanted behaviours, negative emotions as well as physical problems. They don’t always understand why they have these issues and may exercise remarkable will power in an attempt to control them, however, this effort often takes up a lot of energy and may also cause significant conflict, resulting in low self-esteem and a sense of failure, often making the problem worse.

Hypnotherapy can be used to access the unconscious mind and in doing so, can help a person to make positive changes in a more systematic way.

Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy

To read about the problems that I can help you with using Hypnotherapy, go to my problems helped page or click any of the images below:

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Our unconscious mind tends to handle the parts of our life that we don’t need to consciously think about, for example our breathing is generally managed by our unconscious and we don’t need to think about breathing in, and then breathing out – however, as you read this you will probably have moved control of the breathing into the conscious as you are now thinking consciously about it!

When it comes to general management of our lives, it is in fact our unconscious minds that are “in charge” even though we may feel that we consciously control what we do most of the time. The skilled and well trained hypnotherapist, understands this fact when “inducing” somebody into Hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy works on the unconscious part of our minds to bring about perceptual and behavioural change.

You can read more about Hypnotherapy here.

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