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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Rubery

My Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session is a fully integrated combination of Clinical Hypnosis, NLP principles and all the latest insights into why people find it hard to break the habit.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is NOT magic and cannot “make you” stop, but it can help you to develop a much stronger internal desire and resolve to quit smoking if you REALLY want to. This is a very important point as what a lot of people actually want is for somebody to stop them “desiring” a cigarette so that they can “carry on smoking” as normal and somehow, as if by magic, simply won’t put a cigarette in their mouths and light it or even “fancy” a smoke.

If we could use Hypnotherapy to actually do this, then we would certainly be able to charge £1,000 for the session, and would have a 100% success rate, which of course, is simply not possible.

So How Will Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is particularly useful for helping people to visualise themselves in different situations and to then associate that “new vision” of themselves (as somebody who has successfully stopped) with a particular emotion (in this case, feeling incredibly proud of themselves for having had the “will” to finally quit).

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that your starting point is a REAL desire to stop, not for anybody else, but for YOURSELF – you have to want to stop, to stop!

Will I Succeed with Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy?

We, know, from many years of direct experience, and also because of psychological research, that the two most important influencers in determining outcomes are:

  • How motivated you are to stop smoking – do you have a real health problem that requires you to stop smoking, or are you simply worried about the potential health problems? (These are not the same – if it was proven beyond any doubt that the very next cigarette you smoked would ACTUALLY kill you, then it is rather unlikely that you would actually smoke it! Under these circumstances you would be highly motivated to stop.)
  • How much effort you are prepared to put into stopping smoking – If you are determined that you want to stop knowing that there will be times that you are “desperate” to smoke, and that you will absolutely NOT go out and buy any cigarettes, then it would seem that you are prepared to put in a LOT of effort – However, if you believe that you don’t need to make any effort because it is the job of the Hypnotherapist to do that for you, then you are certainly going to fail.

Is The Stop Smoking Session Guaranteed?

Sorry but the answer is no.

The main reason it is IMPOSSIBLE to give any kind of guarantee is that if the stop smoking hypnosis session was guaranteed to work then you would not have to make any effort at all, and life is just not like that. (As much as it would be lovely if it was!)

You CANNOT stop smoking without making 100% effort.

So, if you really are well motivated and are prepared to put in 100% effort, then your chances of stopping smoking with Hypnosis are very good.

How much does the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session cost?

This stop smoking hypnosis session costs £195 and will require about an hour and a half to two hours.

Please pay for this session with cash – research suggests that paying over hard currency represents more symbolic effort that paying by credit card and enhances your commitment to quit.

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